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The Anti-Prejudice Consortium is proud to host the Power Over Prejudice (POP) Summit each year, inviting over 70 Georgia middle schools with 800 + students and counselors, from diverse ethnic, cultural, economic, and religious backgrounds, to experience a one-day diversity awareness workshop.  The POP Summit assembles diverse groups of Georgia middle-school participants to meet, interact, and  learn with their peers from other Metro Atlanta county schools.

During the POP Summit, students actively participate in separate workshops to raise awareness about how to address prejudice and discrimination often experienced at an alarming rate in the middle school years.  Our participants are selected by their teachers and counselors to attend the Summit and be certified as their school’s POP Ambassador.  Trained volunteer facilitators guide students through awareness and group dialog activities to expose them to diversity topics that often contribute to prejudice, stereotyping, and violence in middle schools.   School counselors also participate in advisement training while students are in session.

The program features:

  • A keynote speaker
  • Interactive role play
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Creative problem solving activities

POP Ambassadors learn techniques for working through conflicts that arise as a result of mis-understood differences.  As an expectation of their participation in the POP Summit,  students are challenged to crate a POP School Program action plan for sharing the Power Over Prejudice message to their student body.  We hope to raise our student’s awareness about how to inquire, recognize, understand, and embrace the ability to address challenges with non-violence at an early age so that they are more equipped appreciate differences as adults.

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