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2016 Summit

THERE IS POWER IN EXPERIENCES – Delivering an engaging and insightful experience for middle-school students; supporting broadened awareness of and commitment to respecting and embracing others’ unique differences. The APC embraces a new approach to offer mini POP Summits for requesting schools, groups, and local organizations. This focus supports our vision to extend POP Programs to broader audiences. For additional questions, please submit requests to board@poweroverprejudice.org.

STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Become certified as POP Student Ambassadors, selected by his/her school or community to attend, learn, and extend learning back in their school and communities. Counselors click on the button below to complete the form and submit school or group registration. Questions? Contact administrator@poweroverprejudice.org.

POP FACILITATORS: Guide student participants through POP activities, dialog, and discussions. Offer additional perspective on inclusive topics and help students make connections to their day-to-day experiences. Click on the button below and complete the form. Questions? Contact popfacilitators@poweroverprejudice.org.

POP VOLUNTEERS: Support program planning and implementation to ensure our programs provide the best experience for our students, counselors, and future leaders. Click on the button below and complete the form. Questions? Contact popvolunteers@poweroverprejudice.org.

Alarming Facts

Studies show that bullying tends to peak in late childhood/early adolescence, making prevention and intervention efforts in middle school crucial”
—Milsom & Gallo, 2006.

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