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Our programs’ success is driven and strengthened by dedicated volunteers, sponsors, business partners, government and non-profit sectors of the community.

If you have interest in any of the volunteer opportunities listed below or would to like to find another way to get involved with the Power Over Prejudice programs at programschair@poweroverprejudice.org.

POP Summit Facilitator

As a facilitator, you have the responsibility of leading a group through the Summit activities and discussions. Each facilitator is trained on the tools and group activities prior to the Summit. Facilitators typically have about 8-10 students in their group.

POP School Program Volunteer

As a school program volunteer, you will support schools and students’ efforts to design a follow-up program that reinforce learnings from the POP Summit and spreads the message back at their schools.

Volunteer/Staff a Booth

We’re always looking for people to support our efforts and represent the Power Over Prejudice cause at community events, festivals, and school functions. Volunteers are assigned to specific days, given a STOP STEREOTYPES t-shirt to wear, and provide with merchandise to pass out. You and other volunteers will be joined by committee members to represent the organization. Contact the Income Development Chair at info@poweroverprejudice.org if you’re interested.

To register to volunteer follow this link to the registration site http://poweroverprejudice.org/volunteer/

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